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We have a Honda Hawk me n' the kids are restoring, and I'm looking at the
rear end last week or so realizing that this Comstar wheel looks like a direct
bolt up to the KLR. It even has a 520 sprocket.

It fit right in with two home made spacers to center the chain with the front
sprocket. Drum brakes, so no rear brakes for a day. Just wanted to see
if a such thing as 6th gear would work in the real world.

Ended up having the 16t KLR front sprocket and a 36 rear on the 16" Comstar.
I used the Honda chain so as not to hack up the KLR unit. It was way weird
getting to 60 in 3rd gear, 80+ in 4th, so I'm ready to go stratuspheric and
wind out 5th as far as it will go out on the local interstate. Got out there
and up to speed and nailed 5th. Little to nothing happened. The gear reduction
combined with a weak engine and wind resistance got me all the way up to
88-90 before it settled in, maxed out, and struck it's balance of factors.

The Comstar looks way cool and I just hadda try it. Stock and nearly
stock gearing is just fine after a real world road test of tall gearing.
It came out the same as stock minus the accleration and there was no
need for a 5th gear.

Have a nice day/ ride,

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With stock sprocket sizes, a 6th gear would be nice tho to drop highway rpms
even if the top speed didn't change.

Also the 16" rim hadda tall tire on it so the overall diameter of the driven wheel
was very close to stock.
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