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Rode out to Salton Sea with JD_Diesel on Saturday. Just put on a new set of Shinko 244s.

We headed out to Hemet first. Crazy decomposing granite fire roads had us slippin and slidin all over the place... Sometimes a little funny JD is runnin Shinko road tires so its like hes ridin on marbles. At on point he was leadin and went through a dried out puddle with soft talc like dirt. He almost "FLUNG-THE-DONKEY", but held on and got through it. Excellent ridin ability, and powder solving skills!... It just looked so funny to see all the dust cover him. (sorry no pics)

We made it to the backside of Idyllwild and saw all the guys in Pirate outfits headin up there on their Honda-davidsons. We elected to NOT go up their and cause a ruckus of jealousy over our bikes.

Headed down the 74 to Palm Desert and through Indio to Salton Sea. Ive never been there so JD said we had to ride all the way around it to break me in right. Nice ride and great company. Best of all, nobody B----ed about how hot it was!!!!:29:
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