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Saturday is sand blast any one going to be a spectator/watch it?

caffeine was asking for some one to take pictures in the adventure forum so ill bring a camera with me and try to get as many as I can of him and the other riders.

looks like 2 KLR's are entered

Rob Timko and David Spikes

start of the race is 8:30 for the cars so the first bike should start at around 9 am.
its a 3 hr ride for me in the dark and ill have to play dodge the deer "furry speed bumps"all the way up 52 so I might trailer up.

if your coming its going to be kind of cold I would have to say in the mid 40's I know the weather man says uper to mid 50's but add the wind chill and its going to be cold.

well I hope to see a few of you cheering the KLR riders on and of course the other riders from the advriders.com
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