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I got a last minute invite to ride down to the coast with some old friends. I could not help but give Hurricane a call. We had a very diverse group for sure. We aren’t picky; we will ride with just about anyone…. :character00201:

We rode down through the Apalachicola National Forest. We had way too much Chrome to take the fun way….. ;) We rode out to St. George Island. From there we went over to Apalachicola for a Grouper samage. After getting our bellies full, we continued west along the coast. We headed back inland when we got Mexico Beach.
It was a very laid back ride with plenty of stops. We all had a good time :D

Getting some cool refreshments down a Cape San Blas

2 of the 3 other riders took my KLR for a spin by the end of the day……. :evilgrin0007:
The 3rd wanted to but said he wanted to wait until next time :8:
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