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Hello fellow riders-

I am wondering if anyone is interested in a Seattle area tech day. I live in Renton (Fairwood). I have 7 motorcycles but this is my first KLR. I have a KLX400S and a DR350SE and have ridden the heck out of them but wanted something thats a little better down the blacktop thats still able to be ridden in dirt (plus my wife loves the way KLR's ride so I can talk her into riding her own instead of

I have a two car garage and some tools but would be willing to travel if someone else has a better setup. I know I want to install a Doohickey and would need the special tools required for the job. I also wouldn't mind checking the valves and talking with a few people in person and finding out how you keep the vibrations down.

Any takers? :)

Rob Samsel
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