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There were six of us that met up in Ohio sat to do a little ridin and recreation.Sunny and temps in the mid to upper 40s.Some of the guys I haven't seen in almost a year and it was good to see old friends.We made this an overnighter so there could be a little ridin on Sunday also.Now the weather can be a little sketchy this time of year on the east coast,and ya kinda take what you get

So sat was a good day

Sat. group of riders

Now the gathering point to meet up was a cabin deep in the Wayne National Forest.One catch.A monster hill to get there
And usually not a friendly hill,
but today was good


There was a couple moments
We had a couple new riders and that hill can be,for the first time,something else

But everyone gets up to the top to chill out in the cabin

Chefs in action

And Kaylr always sends cookies for the gang

Now most everyone stays in the cabin,but I'm antisocial
Actually,I just like my peace and quiet,so I had thrown a tent earlier saturday.That's WFOhillbilly on the right givin me a hand

I slept like a baby thru most of the night,but late I heard something brush against my tent,enough to bring me out of a dead sleep.After laying there for a couple of minutes,I heard it again down towards the end of my tent.I was gettin my light ready when I heard it for the third time right by my head.It was SNOW building up on the tent walls and sliding off
So the next morning I awoke to this

The bikes all huddled together trying to stay warm and dry

That morning three other riders showed up from the Columbus area to do some ridin with a fresh inch to inch and a half of snow.WOOHOO !!!

It was around 11:00 before we actually got around to goin outside and mounting up.I had a 50 Mile ride home and elected to head that way as I had the same roads to ride going home as these guys were gonna ride today.So I left good company and set out on my journey

Yep,that's ice under there.When the roads cross the ridge line,it freezes quickly
Made it down to a town along the Ohio river and stopped to give myself a reward for stayin upright

On down alond the Ohio river to the WV line

Then back into the hills again

Finally rounded the corner to home

It was a great weekend with great friends.
But I am definetly ready for some dryer roads and warmer weather



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It was a good time and was good to see you Mike. It was a dramatic change from Saturday to Sunday. I was happy to have Kevin join me for the ride back to Caldwell. Sorry Kay didn't make it.
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