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In good conscience I reviewed KLRForum.com and for the LIFE OF ME I cannot find 'The Rider' to give proper credit to about this SidePanel Bolt Hack I read here!!!
SO, if it was you, please chime in with your 2c as well, after all, I only did this mod/fix because YOU posted about it!!!

Okay, so this KLRForm.com-mer posted about PeskyBolts falling out when removing KLR Side Panels. His/Her solution was to add these Washers (photos posted) to 'hold' the Bolts in place, even when you pull the Panels off.

Since the BoltThreads bite the Washers, they act to hold the Bolts in place at all times. I decided for this Mod/Fix under the simple-est of pretexts... it will hold my Bolts in place on the Panels when I go to 'Final Coat with TruckBedLiner' all the BodyPanels juuuuust before final Re-Assembly of my Exploded Diagram' '03 KLR. If I was to carefully tighten the Bolts, I might get away with a Very Clean and "ELEGANT" finish... a small detail I grant you, but a DETAIL NONETHELESS!!!

Now since I augmented one of the Bolt Socket Cups with a plastic 'cup' outside of it (Body Panel Bolt Washer had cut through the Plastic), and since I needed a tiny bit longer Bolt for that one Hole, I went for the "Washer Mod" as well.

And do you folks wanna know something FRIKKIN' HILARIOUS (okay, only maybe to me...)???

Installing those Bolts, especially in the 2 Deeper Cups/Wells/Sockets TOOK FOREVER!!!
Okay, not really... but I may have used an expletive at my disbelief at my own ineptitude for such a simple task... insert point a into slot b.
'Ever budget 10m for a job and it turns out to be AN HOUR?!?!
I couldn't 'drop' those Bolts in, I finally had to get some needlenose since trying to 'bounce' the Bolt, or move it with the only tool available within 3' which was a BicPen weren't workin' none.

So I discover in Application of this Forum-er's Mod that I've SAVED COUNTLESS HOURS chasing those Bolts around BEFORE I GET ON THE TRAIL AND END UP HAVING A WAR STORY TO TELL... "... zip-tied panels for ride home since 2 bolts lost in sand upon side panel removal to check on the ..."


Simple and photos show results. Nice thing is the time(s) I save THAT I'LL NEVER KNOW ABOUT SINCE I WON'T HAVE TO DEAL IT now that I've done this TOTALLY TRICK MOD!

Cost, $1-something for the Washers and 'cup' Augmentation piece was just junk plastic. A Film Cannister'd work, too; just might have to add a little glue.

My Offer of Return to KLRForm.com for the help they've afforded me, not to mention the time/money/aggravation they've helped me to avoid.


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