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small town, few OIL options.

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Hi, question regarding the oil.
KLR 09
close to 16000 miles
located at tropical hot humid salty weather place, close to sea in mexico.

i live in a very small town where my options for oil at the local supermarket are reduced to 5 or 6 kinds of oil out of which only 3 are 20w 50w,

theres two Quaker State and one Peak.

1) Quaker SAE 25w-50 API SL (says for high mileage on the red container and helps seal leaks, not that i have any...)

2) Quaker 20w-50 API SN (says in the gray container: racing oil and extends the life of the engine)

3) Peak Engine oil 4 cycle SAE 20w-50 JASO MA Blue container.

i know what the manual says, i should be just fine with the JASO MA, and the manual only mentions from SE to SL, i dont know if the SN came later and thus its not in the manual of a 09 KLR.

im inclined to get quaker 20w-50 Api SN, seems to be the most recent because of the SN label...

the Peak JASO MA seems ok

are these options ok? i mean, i know it is not Rotella which many at this forum seem to be keen on, im not sure if they sell that here in mexico to be honest.

its what i have available without garbbing the highway...

im wondering if you guys have any experience with any of these and if i should go with one over the other.
to put it simple i do live like an hour away from a larger city (cancun) where i can find perhaps more suitable oil for the bike. im sure theres an autozone and even a small Kawasaki dealer.. i just dont want to make the almost 2 hour trip every time i have to change oil...
also here at the local gas station they have a Bardahl 4 stroke motorcycle oil JASO... any thoughts?

Thanks to anybody patient enough to read and give some input. i appreciate it GRACIAS!
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