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I got an 09 klr back in late april, its now mid october and have about 6700 miles on it.
first thing i had go on me was the stock rear tire at about 5500 miles. no prob. got a mefo rear so far i like it
second thing to go was my clutch cable. no prob got a replacement. not sure if thats from my super monkey grip or if there is a sharp edge on the housing that wore it down but i only had 2 strands left out of 7 so that was fun.
i've noticed like a lot of other bikes it sucks in sand you do get blown around by the wind(specially down here in southern nm)
other than that there is no bad so far.
the good is that being down here in new mexico i get to ride mountains both on and off road which is awesome and the killer handles awesome in both cases. i do think i need to look into a tubeless tire though because cactus and mesquite are hell on tubes but if your careful you can manage.
gas mileage is good i get between 40-50 which beats driving around in a truck. I also noticed she gets a bit squirelly in mud and ruts but thats to be expected.
I love how many afermarket items there are for this bike.
so all in all i think everyone who rides motorcycle should get one of these its well worth the money and experiences you will have with it
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