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Well, I realize this has nothing at all to do with motocycling (though.. if I play my cards right... it might!) ... traveled this last January and February with an evangelical Christian who's 68 years old on a dirt bike of his own. He followed me out into the Mexican desert while I did my peyote thing. Interesting experience to say the least! More on that later. Some was great, some...not so great.

But now, I don't have all the details yet, but I may soon be on my way to South Africa to photograph what I'm told is a magnificient resort called Oceana. And then be provided with a vehicle to explore and photograph the rest of the South African Coast on my own. More details soon!

Met with the owner tonight and his family. Sort of surreal. The guy has a buffalo skin in his foyer with a giant bear standing on it's skin. Full size!

Looks like I'm going for sure. Not getting paid much, but it should be the kind of trip films are made of. We'll see. :)

I'll be documenting the whole experience here:


That is.. if you care enough to follow it... but, this guy is supposed to be making a helicopter available to me, etc. Should be some nice snaps and good stories. Please let me know if my Surreal South African gig stories are unwelcome here and I will certainly oblige. Looks like I'm leaving Tuesday morning. Let me know if my unrelated posts of the odyssey are unwelcome here.

Skip Hunt
Austin, Texas
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