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Speedo Cable Replacement

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Hi, did the drill test to see if my cable was snapped or if the trouble was in the hub.
The drill got the speedo up to 30 mpg. Did this 3 or 4 times and then the speedo stopped working again. The drill would no longer move speedometer.
Why would this happen?
Thank you.
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You may have pulled the speedo cable out of the square drive on the speedo itself while rotating it by drill. Try stuffing it all the way in, then running the drill again.
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The new cable didn't work either, but I'm doing this with a loose cable that i stewed into guage while holding the hub end. I'm thinking that maybe once I get the end hub end buttoned up and secured and THEN screw into the speedo I will have luck. If not I guess I'll need a new speedometer guage.
Thanks for the advice
Pete G
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