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So three of us headed to Spider Lake to do some two track. I put on new T 63's yesterday so was excited to see how they performed. FWIW, they are a really good all around tire. Road manners I thought were excellent for a knobbie tire. Nice and smooth at speed, nice feedback in corners, and good grip in rocky, sandy, muddy, rocky, oh I said rocky already, rocky, sandy mucky muck. Had a blast and put on 250 miles on the KLR. She is now uglier than yesterday with some scrapes and torn side plastics but hey....what the hey!

So I'm 52 and rode with three 20 somethings. Greg on a DRZ 400, Brian on a KTM, Joel on a DR 650 and me with my big ole pig. Did a bunch of two track at Spider Lake here in MN. Had a great time but did drop the bike FOUR times!! So glad I have been going to the gym regularly. No way, no how I could ride the way I do without being in condition. It is really hard to pick up a 450# bike when exhausted.

So a shout out to happy trails crash bars. They have been fully tested at speed and approved by this here Frostbite on four fairly hard drops! The only damage was my new folding shift lever got severely bent, bout 90 deg from where it should have been and rubber touching my left foot peg, but bent right back without breaking! I am going to buy another IMS folding shift lever!

Also Tusk D flex hand guards did an excellent job of protecting mirrors, shift levers, etc....

So after 8 hours of riding I'm off to the gym. At my age picking up such a bike my body says it needs more exercise. Leg day today and might as well cuz regardless I'm going to be sore tomorrow.

Gym, come home, OD on ibuprofen, sleep.
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