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I frequently find myself trying to decide which of several options is the best choice for my needs. For example, I decided to buy a roll-top dry duffle bag for weekend trips. A quick search online showed at least 10 different choices. It's easy to get confused or forget which product had which feature. I wasn't always confident in my selection because I wasn't great at keeping track of what I was really looking for.

So I built a spreadsheet to evaluate and compare different products.

The spreadsheet allows me to itemize the required and nice-to-have features and score each product for those features. I can also add costs for each product. The spreadsheet then ranks each product and produces a recommendation.

I'm posting this to see if anyone else would find it valuable and get your feedback. My long-term plan is to turn it into an app. In the meantime, if you want to use it for yourself, I can make it available online or in an Excel sheet.

One thing I like about the design is you can use it for more than evaluating motorcycle gear. I've used it to compare vacation options, tools, and my kids even used it to help them pick the "best" college.

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