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Just picked up a green `08 KLR last Saturday. I grew up riding trail bikes and ATVs. Eventually ended up riding mountain bikes and got out of the motorized thing. Now I'm getting back into it. I was set on getting a V-strom for a long time but ended up deciding I needed something with some more dirt capability.

I'll be asking lots of questions and helping when I can. I'm an aerospace technician by trade so I know a little about machines. My specialty is electronics/ avionics but I work on everything.

I live in Godfrey, IL but I say St. Louis because nobody knows where Godfrey is. It's about 35 min north of the city across the Mississippi. If you've ridden north on the river road then you've ridden within a mile of my house.

Anyway, I've had the bike for 5 days and already put 100 miles on it. Not bad considering I don't even have my moto license yet. :) I'll be taking the test next week. I wanted to take the safety course and test out of the DMV tests but there aren't any available until the spring.

I'll be using the bike mainly to commute the 20 miles to work with the occasional off road jaunt. I'm not sure yet though. It gets a little spooky in gusty cross winds above 55mph. The front end on this thing is light!



Oh yeah here's some pics. It's stock except the previous owner added a top case. I haven't done anything to it yet except change the oil and filters but I'm a tweaker so I'm sure I'll start cutting it up soon. I'm seeing a couple big fatty PIAA's on the front!

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