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For me the stock bars on my 2014 KLR were very comfortable for road riding, but get in the dirt and stand up and that comfort disappears.

So I recently sprung for some 2 inch Rox Risers. While on their website I discovered a combo deal that included some fat bars and grips. I thru it in the cart and it arrived a few days later. Their bars are pretty nice but the grips suck. So I went with my favorite. Pro Grip 719 RVGS Gel Grips

The install was a lot of work as I had to drill 2 holes in the bars for the electrical button collection locating pins. After drilling, wrenching, and installing the grips it was time for a test flight. Well the bars felt pretty good and I could finally stand without looking like a monkey screwing a coconut. But all was not roses...Mr. Vibration had raised his ugly head.

This began my quest to add some bar end weights. Well I just happened to have a recently removed set that the bike came with. I really liked their look and especially their extra heavy weight. Plus they are pretty unique with rubber mounting in the center. Kinds like the isolastic engine mounts on my old 71 Norton Commando.

Since the fat bars don't have any threads in the ends I had to resort to some good old fashioned Okie engineering.

I needed some type of rubber grommet or tube to go inside the bars and be able to expand securing the end weights in place. With my peanut brain in high gear I thought of many possibilities and decided to pay O'reillys a visit to look at some fuel line. Well guess what? 5/16 fuel line is perfect. The ID fits the bar weight bolt perfectly and the OD fits the inside of the bars perfectly. As I like to say "I'd rather be lucky than good." Luck prevailed this time.

Then I stopped by Ace Hardware to get some new bolts that were about half an inch longer than the stockers. Grabbed a couple of shouldered nuts too. I cut the fuel line pieces at one inch long for a perfect fit. I did have to grind down the edges on the shouldered nuts to fit inside the bars. No worries mate, my trusty old Sears grinder did the trick.

During install I could shove the assembly in the bars about half way, then I resorted to a hex socket on the end of an extension. A few good whacks with a mallet and it seated up nice and tight. Tighten the bolt expanding the fuel line and wee bee done.

Now for the moment of truth...the test flight. I am very happy to report the difference with the weights installed was day and night. The bars are so smooth that I don't even think about them now. The caveat is now I notice the vibs in the foot pegs much more now.

This mod was definitely worth the price of admission which turned out to be less than 10 bucks.

Cheers mates.

Without pics it never happened...so here are a few.
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