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On that, we can agree!

The funniest tach I have had is on my Forester. The Forester has a CVT. Under the right conditions, the car will accelerate and the tach will go down. Fun to watch.
My wife’s Murano has the CVT, and I find it disquieting at times.

re: tachometer - After learning to drive OTR with a 15-Double overdrive in a Kenworth, you drive by feel and sound, or otherwise you’d never take your eyes off the tach🤣. I was driving a 72 VW Bug around my very rural community at age 9. So feeling when to shift is second nature.

I think many riders first encounter with a manual transmission is on a bike, and the “feel” of when to shift is undeveloped, and unnerving.

At my house we call a manual transmission a “millennial anti-theft device”🤣
41 - 41 of 41 Posts