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Had an open get together down in Vinton County, OH 9-8-09 in support of the Caveman riders site. Had 18 people on everything from KTMs, KLRs, Hondas, and Yamaha show up. Skill levels ranged from Just starting to offroad to years of time. Really fun group and some great riding as everyone made it through without major breakdown or serious fall.


*** Special thanks to Smiling John (blue shirt) for taking on the thankless job of playing clean up! ;) I owe you one big time my friend. :)

Now some photos:
Meeting up in Laurelville

As usual Becky showed the guys what she is made of! :eek:

I only caught one rider going down in a simple area. Lots of us were getting tired and started making errors.

Speaking of errors sorry for the turn arounds due to GPS/ Luke error. Glad John knew the right way! I put too much stock in which way my GPS tells me to go. :p
You guys were awsome on those little Honda 230s!

And our KTM guests really showed their grit and skills.

Love this view ;D

And of course HC made it. Hope you enjoyed just being able to ride for a change HC. ;)
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