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I installed a TCI windshield on my 06 last week. I use the bike for commuting and wanted some more wind and rain protection.
The windshield and brackets cost me $185 from Motorcyclegear.com. The windshield and brackets and hardware installed as they should. They are high quality.
I installed the windshield and put about 30 miles on it and decided that I was getting too much helmet buffeting above 55 MPH. Im 5'10" tall. It was enough buffeting that I was considering removing the windshield and sending it back. I decided to do some harmless experimenting. I put a couple of nylon spacers between the shield and brackets in various places which changed the angle of the shield but nothing else of concequence. I then took the plunge and decided to drill four more holes in the shield and move it up about 1.25". This made the buffeting just slightly worse. Taking the hint, I drilled four more holes and moved the shield down 1.25". The buffeting is all but gone, actually neglegable. Ive put about 160 miles on it since and am very happy with it now. It offers good protection of the chest area but still allows air to hit my helmet faceshield which seems to stabilize my helmet.
I guess the only down side is the eight empty holes left in the windshield, which are barely noticable and make the windshield look as though its adjustable from the factory. Drilling the windshield was very easy. The material is soft so you dont have to worry about cracking it.
Anyway, overall, Im very pleased with the TCI windshield. I suppose I could've accomplished the same thing cheaper but still, this is a good quality product that does what it says it will do (possibly with some adjustments).
If anyone is interested I'll look for my camera and snap somes pics of it.
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