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Thanks everyone. It was a knackered non runner that I got going again and through MOT. It went out to a custom bike guy who hand made the body work for it and painted it.

The Phantom is just down the road at RAF Boulmer ( NE of England ). The headlights really make the bike look totally different. No-one knows what it is :). It has the Eagle Mike 685 piston in it and later KLR650 jug. Some other mods. Frame blasted and powder coated. Doohick. KLX jet kit. Taken out the safety cutouts on the stand and clutch. YSS rear shock. It's the first KLR I've ridden ( first dual sport actually ) so I have no reference, but I love how it rides. I'm tall so it fits me well. The bodywork and tall 'screen' are really effective. I'm just about to order up the Cogent front fork kit.

Just about to take it apart again as I've got coolant dripping out of the inspection hole in the water pump, so that seal has gone. I didn't replace it, but should have. That'll teach me.

Next step, it's going for a road trip to France in September to get some miles on it.
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