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Morning Gents

I have a 1989 Tengai with some cosmetic and functional mods including a YSS rear shock, which has made a huge difference from the old, rather tired, rear shock. I was looking at the Cogent front fork upgrade package but wanted to check with Cogent whether they would work on my Tengai. Long story short, they've had varying responses from owners and can't be definitive. They'd also like to know :) so I said I'd come to the oracles and ask

I'm sure the OD of the Tengai forks is wider, but if the ID is the same then potentially the Cogent internals will work fine. If not, then I'm out of luck.

Has anyone installed the Cogent kit on a 1989 B model ? If not, is there a reference on the fork metrics. My service manaul doesn't have the measurements. The references I can see say 38mm for all the Gen 1 and Model B.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.
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