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I tested all three of my cheap torque wrenches from Harbor Freight. They all tested VERY VERY CLOSE or maybe even right on since my somewhat crude testing method.

I stuck and extension into the vice and clamped it down on the square head. I then measured 1' from the center point of the socket head and 9" on the 1/4" wrench. I then set each wrench to a few different settings and tested them multiple time by pulling straight out with a cheap luggage scale that I tested for accuracy with a barbell.

The only problem I ran into was I was initially reading the 1/2" wrench 10 ft/lbs under because the of how the dial was reading and where I thought 0 started so it is really good I did the test on these. If you are going to use cheap torque wrenches or maybe even expensive ones I would get a cheap luggage scale and test them for accuracy or even to make sure you are reading the dial correctly. Plenty of youtube videos that explain the process. Check the scale first as well.

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