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Hi Phil here, new forum member and soon to be a new 2022 KLR Adventure owner ( deposit paid, bike arrives in a couple of weeks)
After reading many of the comments regarding the new KLR I can understand the view of many of the current KLR owners. It is very similar to the reactions the 8th gen VFR got ( a bike I have owned for over five years and absolutely love)
While the new KLR may not have fulfilled the hopes of many of the current KLR owners it certainly got my attention, and I believe for the riding I intend to do it will be perfect. The fact that the new model remained an inexpensive motorcycle was a main factor in my decision.
The Suzuki DL 650 while $1000 cheaper hasn’t got the fuel capacity, is still carbureted, also has a five speed gearbox, doesn’t have a screen, the seat (I am told) is not comfortabLe, still doesn’t have LED lighting, and doesn’t have an LCD display ( I have nothing against analogue dashes). The cost of modifying these would make the Suzuki a far more expensive bike.
From where I live there are really only three rides available to me, one of which is 130km of nearly straight highway. The KLR will open up to me a number of new routes that I can’t do on either of my current bikes ( 2015 Honda VFR800, 2015 Triumph America) Being 62 years old I am not looking to attempt difficult trails, just some dirt and gravel roads and a few easy tracks.
The reputation of the KLR’s convinced me that this was a good choice for my needs. I am not unaware of some of the drawbacks of these bikes but still believe I will be very happy with my choice.
I look forward to participating in this forum.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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