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I have a trip coming up this weekend - the first really long trip since making some of the intake/exhaust mods to my ’08.

I have removed the snorkel, done the L-Mod, installed the KLX needle with the clip in the middle groove, installed a 148 jet (one size up from stock) and put on a SuperTrapp with 8 discs in it.

On my recent trip to Sandy Eggo I turned in 46.2 mpg compared to the 45.2 mpg on that same trip, taken just before the mods began.

With that set-up things seemed pretty swell; I even had that nice ‘rich burble’ on deceleration – you know, the ‘whup-whup-blam-blam-blamity-blam-blam’ that real race machines make. Totally bitchin’. I thought it might be a bit rich…

I had set up the mixture with a wideband O2 sensor at 13.5:1, but that rich burble thing made me want to lean it out a bit, so I’ve dropped the needle by one clip. No more decell burble.

This trip will be up to Buttonwillow Raceway to watch the old British stuff go around the track and leak oil. It’s an annual thing, and I always go there in as round a bout fashion as I can.

Leaving Friday morning, the trip will be starting out going out Mullholland Drive, wending my way to Ojai and on up 33, then out the 166 to Santa Maria. From there it’s north to San Luis Obispo, Atascadero, and Paso Robles.

(SLO-KLR – do you know if the old A&W up that way is still in business? I’d love to swing by there for a cheeseburger and a frosty mug if the place is still there…)

At Paso Robles I’ll head out the 46, stopping in Cholame to drop a knee at the James Dean memorial before heading on to the 5 and down to Lerdo Highway.

It should be about 370 miles, plenty enough to get an idea of how the fuel economy is going.

I’ve set the bike up for the road this time around – the gearing is back to stock and K761s are on. I’ll report back in with fuel economy and general impressions.

Might even write up a trip report with a picture or two, but it will be all slab…


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Man, you're going to have some pretty riding. Be safe.
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