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Hello there,

a few weeks back I became a proud owner of a KLR 250, since the bike had a questionable service history I gave her the typical treatment/checkup like changing all fluids, lubing up the bearings and adjusting the valves.

After I adjusted the valves she was really hard to kickstart the force needed to push the kick starter down was way too high, so I opened her back up again this time rechecking the valve clearance and taking a look at the KACR.

The Valves were ok the KACR on the other hand was very loose I was able to rattle on the weights and the rivets seemed more like guiding pins then connecting means.

Nonetheless I close her back up again and now she starts easy again(stuck KACR?) but I can now hear a rather loud ticking noise.
The ticking noise is seemingly coming from the KACR when I spin the motor without the valve cover on, I can see and hear the weighted KACR-“arm” jerk into position right as it touches the exhaust valve rocker causing a loud “click”.

Im quite concerned and have a few question I would like you guys to answer:

-Is this ticking noise normal?
-Is the KACR supposed to be this loose?
-Did my Valve adjustment cause this?
-I read some things about a “doohickey” causing loads of problem on the KLR650 models
does the KLR 250 have those too?

I’m sorry you had to read such a novel,
im no native speaker so im not that good in keeping it short.

Thanks in advance for every help!

Greetings from Germany

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I'll suggest, Normal.

Mechanical valve tappet clearances are 'best' when you can just hear them. I assume that you adjusted to 'just snug' on the thickest feeler gauge, but not beyond.

The KACR only operates at speeds Below about 800 RPM. So yes one will see a lot of movement of the KACR at kick-start speeds (200-400rpm). They are kind of crudely built.
With the engine running, turn the idle speed Down. One will usually hear a couple of 'klack, klack, klacks' just before the engine dies. That is the KACR re-activating.

One could set valve tappet clearances to minimum specs and do it twice as often, to keep the ticking of the valve train to a minimum.

There is not a "doo-hickey" in the KLR250 engine.
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