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ya, it is. How about Shinko 700?
I just put these on my bike and a couple hundred miles into them I am very happy. I was running Dunlop d606's and wanted something less aggressive because I am mostly on the road these days but wanted some dirt ability too. The price was what first drew me to them along with reviews.

They were a bit stiff so a little challenging to mount. This is because our size is rated as tubeless (we still have to run them with tubes). I don't remember if it was the front or back but I had to put a ton of pressure in to seat the bead. I also had to put a couple clamps on the rear tire to taco it and get it in the center of the rim so I could get it over the edge all the way around.

I have not ridden in the rain with them so I can't comment on how they do in wet conditions but they have great traction on dry pavement. I can lean the bike way over with confidence. They give a smooth quiet ride compared to my old tires. They are decent on fairly packed dirt. I did get a little sideways on some pea-gravel the other day but was able to stay upright.
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