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Well, their maybe many like her but this one is mine.
My new / old 2016 Gen 2.

Long story, but this winter was all about getting it going.
Left the garage with 204.6 on the odo...more now and more to come.

I most assuredly have to get used to the KLR and the "sitting way up" there position.
if not for that lower seat I could not ride it, tippy toe but adjusting to the slide one side at stops.

Many mods and farkles..but I am still pumped I finally got it on the road.
And lo and behold...still want to do more..brakes and maybe suspension upgrades.
The big ticket items so to speak.

Here in the "about town configuration".. I still have to mount the panniers (is it possible with only one person I wonder?).

I have a larger top box and the obligatory "milk crate" type box I can swap out on the rack, for grocery get'in and such. Wheel Tire Plant Water Fuel tank
Tire Wheel Vehicle Plant Automotive tire
Tire Wheel Sky Cloud Vehicle
Water Vehicle Motorcycle Fuel tank Automotive lighting
Land vehicle Tire Vehicle Plant Vehicle registration plate
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Bumper
Bicycle part Auto part Gas Composite material Wire
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design Vehicle

one of the mods...a foam top plate...which I believe will be strong enough to support the bigger box..I "routed out" where it will fit on top of that Emgo top box plate, which I will leave bolted to the top rack plate..not OEM forget the name...the rok strap holds that down and then I mounted some "bungie buddies" to the box and that straps down to the rack...aluminum would have been nice but one of the things I was going for was to use "whatever was on hand"..as some, errrr, cash was expended on the "good stuff" i.e. crash bars, skid plates and the like...you know that song I am sure....I will tally up the total mods one day..gather all the notes and diiagrams I used...throw it in the binder for such things.

Ride safe and hope you all have some great riding this year..... enjoy the "glamor shots"...maybe I should have thrown some mud on her first?

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Doug 64082, PhilW...THANKS.
I appreciate that.

Hvymax, sadly, I am the PO AND the one who let her sit on the lift for, uhhhh, years.
I said out the drive with 204 but it was 240 on odo...some dyslexic typing I guess.

Back in 2016, got all suited up and went out..no start...I think it was the californification issue and related to the vacuum line on petcock.
Which as I understand is/was an issue on those models (having read posts on this very site regarding same).
During my mods and farkles this past winter, I deleted that entire system and used that blank off kit for the stock petcock.
She started on the third attempt and has been A OK.
Along with the new pipe, I went for the EM KLX jet kit and did the snorkle-ectomy..no holes in box (as yet), seems to be ok with just that. Plus a UNI filter.
All this info from threads from this site...a wealth of info for KLR owners.

Back in the day, cash flow was steady, and I had read that the mighty KLR was going to be no more.
Knowing it is a 30 plus year model run I wanted one before they were gone.
But I was also smitten with another Kawa that came out around that time, the Z900RS Cafe.
Always heavily lusting for an inline 4, I had to have it. And became a focus...I will get to that KLR (I said to myself soon).
Well, as the old saying goes...TIME FLIES...and as I get older, how so true. But, this past winter, I said. DO IT.
And my adventure of KLR wrenching and mods began.

I have followed this site for years and credit the forum and the many talented folks who have worked out the "bugs" and fixes for same regarding the KLR.
Not having to re-invent or discover "the hard way" wrenching methods and mods was / is a godsend I think.

I will say, the KLR (for me) has been the most labor intensive and modified bike I have ever owned.
But I think she is good to go with some proper preventive maint for a long while.
The mods I chose, were, in my mind the reliability mods and fixes for the shortcomings from the mfg.
The doo, the Thermo Bob, the heat shields mainly.

Now, if can just save up for the overrsized front brake rotor and suspension stuff.... ")
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