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Now in some cases this would be alot more to worry about, but not this time...:15:

I'm talking about the butterfly valve on the Keihin CVK40 carb. I was riding the other day and I had been getting quite a bit of pinging when accelerating in higher gear. Now, I ran into the reserve (don't know if this is related in any way or not) and right when I switched the petcock I felt the throttle give way a little and bog down. Further along just after doing this I noticed almost no power at 60 mph and I was bogging down to 4k rpm, not to mention I had to downshift on hills that before had been no problem.

Initially I thought I may have sucked some junk in from the bottom of the tank and clogged a jet. I was going out of town for the weekend so I dropped it off at my local shop. Yesterday they called and told me the diaphram was torn in two places and that would cause loss of power at midrange. They told me that the Kawi part was $168 and I promptly asked them to order the Harley one for $40, they said OK we will order the aftermarket valve and slide...duh...

So hopefully 'ol number 7 will be running great again soon. Just wanted to share the symptoms in case it ever happens to one of you.
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