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Ok Tour de Pisgah is now just a memory, or at least, a series of fond memories.

I took four full days off for this event and I ride until well after dark every night.
Am I sore today, yup. But I?d do it all over tomorrow if I could hang with my KLR brothers and sisters again.
As Marty sadly put it, he and I are the last two remaining members to have attended all 4 of the
Southeastern get-togethers to date, now simply known as Tour de (region)

If you love good people, great riding and fabulous scenery, please try your best to make the next one.

This one was held in Northwest North Carolina and we had over 60 members in attendance.

Day One:

Ron, Darren and I loaded up and making our way northwest out of the Piedmont

These bikes are clean as they will be for a long time

As we climb altitudes, the scenery brightens and we realize Autumn is now fully upon us.

We met up with Cherokee Chuck, Ditchdoc, Woodsatyr, and some with folks as they rolled into the campground
and after stowing our gear began riding and exploring immediately.

Chuck leads us down Hwy 215 off the Blue Ridge parkway and then off road as we needle our way down this
forest trail we run into MtnMan Floyd, MDrake and a group of earlier arrivals running the trail in the opposite direction.
Pics were in order

Then the ride begins to get exciting.

You say this is your first time ?
That is so hot, You go Girl !!!!!

We cross creeks and stuff and eventually find this 100 foot waterfall hiding in the middle of nowhere

Ditchdoc enjoying the afternoon

Darren chillin? by a stream

Chuck picks up the scent of another fabulous trail and we?re off again into the forest

After a while though this trail comes to an end

and we decide to head back to Camp KLR

What an awesome day and it?s only the first of 4 for us.

Campfire stories, a few drinks, meet some more KLR Gang members and it?s all I can do to
retire to the cabin to rest up for day 2

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cool pics,Maybe next year for us.Looks like a good time

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Thanks for the magnifico photos Jim, (as usual) I couldn't wait for you guys to get back.
Let it be etched in stone, Pam and I will not miss this one next year.
No doubt in my mind there will be one next year too!
Lookin forward to more like a photo hungry Hoodlum,

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Day 2

Ok I have been trying to find the time to finish my report but as many requests for pictures as I have received, I think I?ll keep the commentary short and just get to posting them.

Cherokee Chuck promised a good level 3 ride on Saturday and even went so far as to caution everyone in advance. This would come to be known as the ?Hooligan Ride?
Hurricane creek is a billygoat trail up the mountain that has more than a half dozen good water crossings and thousands of rocks and roots to hinder the way.
Many locals warned us that after all the recent rain we should stay clear of it.
Just what we needed to spur us on. In a nutshell, IT WAS FREAKIN? AWESOME !!

Now I will preface this by saying I didn?t get many pictures during the ride. I usually have a camera in one hand but for this ride I needed em both.
Hopefully somebody else snapped a few. I did however take many more after the trail and throughout the rest of the day, which incidentally, didn?t end until well after 9:00pm.
Now is that loving the ride or what ?

Everyone choosing their ride for the day.
Thanks to Chuck, Gene, Mike all the ride leaders for making this a great weekend.

Now we started as 14 Hooligans ready including our fearless leader, Cherokee Chuck.

When we left it was still quite foggy and made the ride up 276 just that more scenic

Darren?s brother Brian rode in from Charlotte that morning and still loaded with all his camping gear met us just off I-40

After tearing apart Darren?s KLR in search of a massive power failure, we discovered a dead battery. He resolves himself to push starting the thing for the next few hours and we are lined up and ready to go again.

The start of the trail was nice and easy, we pass numerous bear hunters with snarling looks and big guns but we venture deeper into the forest

We put the older ones out in front (Bikes not riders  )

Two riders decided to turn around, a KTM with worn out street tires and Darren because if he stalled on this trail he?d never get it push started. They ride up the mountain another way and meet us at the top.

We were now down to 13 Hooligans

Max gets an earful from Day13

Like I said, I?m just sorry I didn?t get more pics of the trail, hopefully Chuck will post some of the great water crossing pictures he took.

We got to the top, and after performing a much needed Sidestand safety bypass we said goodbye to NCvulcanrider and his buddies who had to get home.
After scoring Darren a new battery and having lunch with a very nice Celestial woman, we set out in search of more scenic roads?.we wouldn?t have to look hard.

If you?ve never ridden with a pack of KLR buddies, then you are certainly missing out on some great comeraderie

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Ok, no more commentary, just some day 3 pictures:

Harvickdaman getting all those great shots

Phil provides us with everything we could ask for, three cheers for Phil

Max, why you flippin? me off ?
This ain?t advrider

Dang, I never saw that cop

The Outen brothers

Day 3 comes to an end


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Critta my friend, we can count on you for some great photos every ride, thanks a million!
This ride should be in the top nominations for choicest of Fall Color destinations. ;)
Rod :cool:
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