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Hey Everyone,

I've been working on a KLR lately that I was able to snag off craigslist for fairly cheap - when it was purchased there was an issue with the fuel lines that was preventing it from starting. After an afternoon with the tank off and some new fuel lines, I was able to get the bike to start up from bump starting. I was advised when I purchased the bike that the choke cable was seized; I assumed this was why the bike would not start cold.

Fast forward a few months and I finally had a chance to continue working on the bike. I installed a choke cable eliminater (Pull choke screwed directly into the carb.) Unfortunately this did not fix the cold start issue.

When I try to start the bike, the first time I click the ignition it turns over and gets EXTREMELY close to starting. Each time I try after it sounds more like the starter is just clicking, with no real chance of the bike starting.

I can easily start the bike by heading down my driveway. Once the bike has warmed up I can turn the bike off and restart it with zero issues.

I recently replaced the battery as well as attempting to start while charging. An voltage reader showed me solidly above 12, dropping just shy of 10 while trying to start the bike.

I am totally stumped to as what could be causing the cold start issue, I've toyed with the new choke while the bike is on and it appears to be functioning properly as well.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Granted I am not the most expreienced when it comes to working on motorcycles, so I am hoping it is something simple I missed!

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Inspect the air filter. Is it reasonably clean and PROPERLY OILED? It is the oil that stops the dust.

Clean the cavity around the spark plug and perform a Cold Cranking Compression test. We like to see 90psi+ with throttle Wide-Open when dealing with cold start issues.

Under 70psi is usually a No-Start at under 40f degrees.

Too little of valve tappet clearance can be a primary cause of, No cold start-up.
It causes Low C. C. Compression.

When you push it fast enough you can build more CCC, and it starts.
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