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Here's the next installment of the S. African travel blog and photos for those interested...

I forgot to mention in my last post all the different "nicknames" I was called by the street folks looking for small change or wanting to sell me drugs, etc. I'd hear everything from "Hey Jim!" "Master!" "Chief!" "Boss" "Hey Joe!". I get most of these... but where does the "Hey Jim!" come from? Either I look like someone named "Jim" in Cape Town, or it's a common street nickname for tourists.

As I mentioned before... the day after I left Cape Town for Stellenbosch in the winelands didn't go quite as smoothly as my "One Pleasant Day." Not really that bad, but just annoying. Just little things like the gas station attendant forgot to check the pump and several liters went out all over the ground. When I questioned whether I'd have to pay for all that wasted gas...

To continue reading and more new photos.... click here: http://www.poppinfreshmedia.com/skiphuntsouthafrica/skiphuntsouthafrica.html


Skip Hunt
Austin, Texas
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