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Weird sound coming from front sprocket area on my 2006 KLR 650

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I noticed a weird sound coming from the front sprocket area when I changed my rear wheel, rear sprocket and chain. The sound isn't affecting how the bike runs (still rides like a champ) but it concerns me to go past 3rd gear because the sound gets louder from 1st - 2nd - 3rd (I don't want to hurt her). I took the front sprocket off and moved the chain away from the thread so just the nut was spinning and there was no noise. I loosened the wheel adjustments and experimented with the amount of slack on the chain... sound is still there. I was wondering if it could be an alignment issue with the rear sprocket to the front sprocket... As in, if you install the rear sprocket just one nut over (spinning the sprocket so the nut is in the spot next to it) the distance would be different. I took the old sprocket and placed it over the new one and began to spin one of them and match up the nut holes to see if the teeth match up and they only match up perfectly in 1 specific spot. Its hard to explain but I have a video of the sound that I will post soon. I noticed a lot of posts about weird sounds but its hard to compare the sounds when you don't know what they sound like.
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Yes, I changed the front sprocket to a 16 tooth not sure If I like it better than the 15 tooth because i feel like it takes away from the smoothness of switching to the next gear.
What company chain do you ride? 106 link 520 with or without o-ring?
I’ll try putting the cover back on and I’ll let you know if it dampens it. The new front sprocket didn’t change the noises.

For the blinkers... How do you go about testing a specific wire? With a single tipped voltage meter pen or the double stick black/red one?

I have the Clymers bike Manuel but honestly it’s hard for me to read and pinpoint how to troubleshoot my blinker issue. It’s great for other things for the bike.

Thanks for your help guys, any knowledge is appreciated.
21 - 22 of 49 Posts
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