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Well, I had a chance Sunday to head to Southern Ohio where there are lots of unimproved, abandoned and twisty roads. It takes me an hour and half to ride there, but as I recon the area I find more and more dual sport riding oportunities. Sundays "discovery" was some riding accross the road from Tar Hollow that was perfect for the KLR.
Leaving 327 onto rt 170/177 I headed up a hill on a gravel/dirt road. Following it around to 193a I dead ended into an area under power line towers.

Now normally I try to ride with someone when doing single track and looking back I was risking my butt. However, I was hungry for some off road and to the next tower I went.

It looked like the trail would go for a long way. But upon reaching the second tower I realized it was the end of the road in this direction. Just passed the tower was a good 200 ft drop with too much growth to ride though for the vertiacl drop.

A look from half a mile away gives a slight indication of where I was.

So I back tracked to where I entered. When I stormed out the last bit there were several guys on dirt bikes. We got chatting and they said there was a trail through the woods leading around to the next tower and to the road below. However it was covered with trees and very rough going. I decided not to press my luck this day and took off for my unimproved roads in the area. I found some killers, I knew some of the local roads became not much more than single track, but I had a GPS track that ensured that I was going "someplace". :lol: I ended up on a unmaintained road that quickly became not much more than a creek and series of jumps. I stuck it out and came out on Rt 50 East of Ratcliffburg.
At that point I figured if I left for home right then I'd make it back right at dusk. My estimate was uncanny, as I made it home right as the sun went down.
In time I hope to make it back down to these areas with friends to explore a but more of what the area has to offer. :mrgreen:
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