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Originally Posted by wayne_l
2 main problems with our 650 and a true 6 spd ..

1 .our 5th gear is a 1 to 1 ratio and is almost usless already on hills when loaded up
2. a 6 speed would be a true overdrive and we already dont have enough power for it to be useful at legal speeds

unless you wanted a closer ratio and top gear still being 1 to 1 it would help keep you in that sweet spot pulling hills and corners

Could not agree more. Ran the 16/43 gearing for about 12,000 miles. Works OK on pavement if I had no load, no headwind and no hills. 5th was too high and 4th too low in many cases. Back to stock gearing for me. I love the bike but it is what it is. Sub 40 horsepower is not enough the pull the higher gearing without lugging the motor IMHO
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