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Hey guys, as title says, I'm looking at a bike that everything is up to criteria (been searching craigslist for months) except one small thing. Lost Keys.

I've heard that you can remove the helmet lock and take it to a locksmith, but that was KLR650 Specific. I'm curious from a KLR250 owner (preferably of this generation bike) is there one single key to rule them all? (Ignition, gas cap, helmet locks) or are they different for each.

Only reason I ask is that my first bike was an SR250 and has 2 different keys, one for the ignition and helmet locks, and one for the gas tank...

I'm under the impression that if I can get a new key thru the code on the helmet lock or ignition, that it might not fit the gas tank, and if so, I wouldn't be able to get it off to replace it, and would probably have to buy a new tank, as i've heard that kawasaki doesn't tie vins to keys or anything, basically they can only help by recommending a locksmith.

thanks, also first post.
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