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So... I've been running the Anakee... strictly Asphalt all the time, 30 miles each way on the interstates here in the bay area.

I like the tire but they just seem so darn soft... I'm getting like 3000 miles max out of them...

My question is this... I've been eye balling the Trailattack from Conti...


but it only comes in one flavor -- 150/70 R17

Now I know I can't use the front... but I sure would like to try the rear...

Can I mount it on a stock rim? I've long ago taken the chain guards off so clearance isn't really an issue unless we're talking chain and swingarm clearance...

It has a 9mm tread depth and some reviews at some other sites are really good... I'm just hoping to maybe get 5000 miles out of it instead of the \_/ effect I get with the last two Anakee rears at around 2000 miles...

A couple folks over @ ADV were talking about how this tire matches up really well with the Anakee front, which I have no issue with .. just the rear seems so soft...

Anyways, any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I thought about the Contis on my former V Strom, but since I rode it strictly on the road I went with Michelin Pilot Roads on front and rear..

I'd (and I'm sure you are also) be concerned about pinching a tire that wide and with that short of sidewall onto a 130 rim.. I've bounced up one size before, but haven't tried going up 2 sizes..

Have you kicked around just going to a strictly street tire? Maybe http://www.dunlopmotorcycle.com/tirecatalog_tire.asp?id=37 or http://www.partsstorellc.com/servlet/the-1039/Cheng-Shin-Hi-Max/Detail or something more on that route?

As you and I have talked about before, I'm hard on tires and I got 8K on my last Anakee and it still had safe life left, but you're getting what you're getting and I have no reason to think you're wrong..

Whatever you install, remember we like photos, and if you get decent mileage out of it please let us know what you did.

One other thing. What are you running for tire pressures? When I'm riding on the street, I run street pressures.. Typically 34 F and 36 R.. I air them down to 18 or so when riding off road, and then run them back up at my first opportunity..
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