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So spring is here and that means more than better riding conditions. Time to look for the effects that the errosion of winter riding has had on your bike. Mine suffered two particular mishaps right under my nose.
1. the rear bearings are toast. It looks like wet salty riding ate them apart this winter. No complaint really, they lasted 16000 miles. :)

2.Well this is the sort of thing that manufacturers don't like to hear. Last Fall I replace the rear pads on the KLR with Gaffer pads. In less than 1000 miles the inside pad came off the metal! I guess this is why so mant recommend ECB pads? A little more on cost but when the pads fall apart, $8 is worth it.

Everything else was a matter of relubricating or retightening bolts. Along with a decent amount of salt clean up.
What effects did winter have on your KLR?
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