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This group was so helpful to me as a newbie I wanted to post something that I found on my 2001 KLR650.

My symptom was intermittent power failure. So when I turned on the key nothing would happen at all, or intermittently there was not power.

Obviously make sure your battery is charged. Then try turning handle bars back and forth and see if the neutral light flickers (make sure your in neutral). If they don't grab underneath the ignition cluster and speedo where the harnesses connect and wiggle (very gently) and see if the lights flicker. On mine, the white primary ignition wire came loose from the plug where the main harness connect to the cluster. It had half fallen out.

Several options to fix this. I just jumped past the plug with a jumper wire, so I completed to circuit minus the plug.

Maybe this is some oddball thing that never happens, but at least on other things I have worked on, there is commonality in failure points from the same manufacture.

Hope this helps someone.
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