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above is a picture of two gentleman i met this veterans day. thier names are mike king and jerry poole. they are riding thier bycicles from california to key west florida to raise some money for the wounded warriors foundation. they are traveling across I-10 and leave deming nm here tomorrow. they are averaging about 60-80 miles a day.

any help anyone can give them whether its donating to thier fund or giving them a place to camp for the night or whatever is appreciated.


this is a link to jerry's facebook he checks it every day and leaves updates. you can contact him through this and gather any info you need on where they are or where to donate.

they have been staying at our rv park since friday and i took them to dinner tonight as a thanks for what they are doing. couple of really nice guys and total bad asses. thought our KLR community might want to help if they could.

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