Alaskan KLR650 owner here with my bike apart and in pieces in the garage waiting on the ice to finally melt off so I can go for a ride without avoiding anything shaded. Did some generic mods, 22 cent mod, rhino lined my crash bars, added pannier racks without panniers, added hand guards, fought my sticking clutches who are still currently winning after sitting since September 20th, and I have the itch for more. Got my bike for cheap down on the gulf coast and is has lots of corrosion that I'm slowly fixing with aggressive scrubbing, WD40, grease, and synthetic oil dips in old motor oil that I have laying around. It's a $2000 tops bike so I'm not looking to put 3/4 of the value of the bike in parts on it.

Currently in search of

  • Eagle Mike RL1 raising link
  • an aftermarket seat, not picky. would love to get my hands on the legendary wool cover
  • upgraded fork springs, bonus points if its the full kit with the emulators (I think thats the right word)
  • upgraded rear spring
  • any sort of aftermarket exhaust in any sort of condition

Shipping to me in Alaska might suck so I'm probably just shooting in the dark but figured I'd give it a shot. Thanks in advance and I can't wait to read all the posts in this community