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I'm having a hard time getting my stock 2008 KLR 650 up and running again. It sat for about 6 months. I figured all I needed to do was clean the carb. Either I'm missing some dirt, or there's another issue. I've cleaned a number of single barrel carbs before this and have always had success.

I've poured through the forums, but I'm just getting a little overwhelmed with all the info. Was hoping I could post my specific symptoms and get some input from you guys.

Here's my process so far:
Cleaned the carbs manually with carb cleaner and compressed air. Re-assembled. Installed.
Bike started right up. Seemed ok then started to falter at idle. Gave it gas and it smoothed out around 3-4K rpm. Still a little rough, but ran.
Choke (enricher) didn't seem to make much of a difference.
Pulled, cleaned, reassembled with a stock rebuild kit from All Balls (both jets, float needle, fuel mixture screw, spring, washer and o-ring), reinstalled. Same thing.
Pulled, cleaned in my (newly purchased just for this) Harbor Freight ultrasonic cleaner with 50/50 pinesol and water. Followed up with clean water to rinse pinesol solution and blew out with compressed air.
Installed newly purchased brass enricher nut.
Capped 1 vacuum nipple and left the other open so I could cap with my finger.
Attached a hanging auxiliary gas tank so I could work on it without messing with the regular gas tank and associated petcock/vacuum issues.
Installed new air filter.
Exact same condition.
Manufactured and installed an adjustable idle mixture screw.
Ran exactly the same. Even adjusting the idle mixture screw while running from 1 turn out to 2.75 turns out.
Once again, 3-4K rpm seemed smooth. Closer to idle, rougher it got. Barely any throttle runs really rough. With no throttle it dies.

Last two bit of info-
1. I've run a lot of bikes in garages. Even with the garage door open my eyes stung more than usual. Seems like it was using a lot of gas, but I don't know how to quantify that.
2. Brand new gas from a brand new 2 gallon gas tank with a little seafoam added.

Any input you guys have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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There are some wee holes right at the butterfly plate in the intake of the carb. They are part of the idle circuit; the butterfly plate progressively uncovers them as it opens.

You need to make sure that the passageways leading to these holes are completely clear. Get an aerosol carb cleaner with a tube dispenser. Spray it into the pilot jet area and witness that it comes out freely at the intake area.

Also, make sure that the idle jet is clear and that the emulsifier holes are clear.
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