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Sorry for the SPAM fellas...we gotta eat.

Just published a collection of essays I wrote when Karen was pregnant with Francine. They are bawdy, funny, and irreverent. So far, the main comparison seems to be 'Dave Barry with Torrettes' - which ain't far off.

If you are a dad, know a dad, etc. - they will enjoy this book. Trust.

"These essays (cries for help) were written when the author and his wife were expecting their first child. This is a baby book for expectant fathers. It is also a chance for mothers to see their pregnancy from the other side – the side that is afraid to sleep, lest they wake up in a tear-soaked bed covered in cookie crumbs. It is raw and real – it even contains some useful information. Whether you are expecting a child, know someone who is expecting a child, or just like to read funny stories about the horror … er, beauty and majesty that is 'pregnancy', then this book is for you. If none of those things apply, go ahead and buy a copy anyway. Do it for the children."


SPAM over.

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