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KLR Kool-Aid! 05-14-2018 11:28 AM

Help in the forest? KC 650...!
Funny and relatable story to share -

I was camping in the forest north of Colorado Springs, just relaxing at the campsite, when I heard a voice yelling "Help! Help!" so I took off running in the direction of the voice, all the time picturing someone stuck under their bike with a broken leg/arm/back (or even worse). "Keep yelling so I can find you!" I called as I ran...

Anticlimactically (but so much better), I found a fellow who was unhurt, but had gotten lost on a forest trail and had run out of gas.

I took him back to my campsite where we siphoned a litre out of the KLR's tank into an empty vodka bottle, and he could get both some water and his bearings.

Long story made shorter, it's nice to have such a big tank that you can be the extended-range tanker for other bikers, and build up some forest karma.

patroy75 05-14-2018 01:21 PM

On the Appalachian, the other guy would tell this story and call it trail magic.

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